Water Therapy in Montecatini Terme

Your health passes through the intestine

The mineral waters used in drinking therapy (called hydropinic therapy) are
grouped into three types, depending on their mineral concentrations:

– Strong: Leopoldina

– Medium: Regina

– Weak: Rinfresco and Tettuccio.


A diuretic water which promotes the elimination of body waste by the
kidneys and restores the mineral salts lost during physical exercise.


A purgative, Leopoldina water acts on the intestines to stimulate peristalsis.
It is therefore particularly indicated in the treatment of chronic constipation.


Regina water helps re-establish the proper flow of bile from the liver to the
intestines. It is therefore indicated in cases of hepatic insufficiency and bile
duct dysfunction.


A stimulant, Tettuccio water promotes the liver’s detoxification function: the
composition of its saline solution is practically the same as that of body fluids. It is therefore useful in disorders of cholesterol metabolism. As it stimulates gastric secretion and emptying of the stomach.

The hydroponic cure, spa and mud treatments. Come and discover all the benefits of this unique curative waters.


A TIP – DAY SPA at Terme Redi
when in Montecatini Terme don’t miss a relaxing day at Terme Redi, which offers some thermal beauty treatments: mud wrap, face masks, and massage.