Active holiday – Hiking on Elba

Elba Island, a pearl of the Tuscan Archipelago, offers a marvellous variety of scenery from indented coastline coves to long cliffs and vast tracts of scrublands. The best way to enjoy the views is by hiking!

Check out our sample itinerary, the route known as the Great Elba Crossing. It is an impressive hiking route, considered one of the most beautiful walks in Italy.

The route stretches along the ridge of Elba’s mountain chain, with plenty of opportunities to view your surroundings in every direction, allowing you the chance to enjoy infinite panoramas of Corsica, the Tuscan Archipelago and the Italian peninsula while discovering the wonderful blossoming of the Mediterranean scrub.

The route can be divided into the following sections:

  • Cavo – Porto Azzurro – an 8-hour walk, with 18 kms
  • Porto Azzurro – Marina di Campo – an 8-hour walk, with 16 kms
  • Marina di Campo – Poggio – a 7-hour walk, with 20 kms
  • Poggio Pomonte – an 8-hour walk, with 20 kms

Our professional guides will take care of you during hiking and will make sure you fall in love with this beautiful island.

The Great Elba Crossing is only one of examples of hiking routes on Elba. We suggest also additional excursions, such as hiking on Pianosa or Capraia islands!

Hiking on Elba is ideal for small groups, up to 15 participants.

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